Ask the Doctor

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Gerard has prepared numerous videos below to answer some frequently asked questions about chiropractic. If you want to learn more about chiropractic or have specific questions, please check out our You Tube page


What Makes Lakewoods Different?

“I can sleep all night without pain!! I used to wake up several times a night with severe neck and hip pain. For the first time in two years I can sleep on a pillow without neck and shoulder pain – even though during those two years I had been making weekly visits to my old chiropractor! Thanks, Dr. Gerard!!”

A Routine Day at Lakewoods

“When I first started seeing Dr. Gerard, I was not sleeping. Couldn’t turn my head to one side, spent half my night running to the bathroom, I could go on and on, but as you see, I was a mess. I sleep well-through the night, I turn my head just fine, I feel great and it’s thanks to chiropractic.”

Do My Kids Need to Go?

“When I started seeing Dr. Gerard, I was suffering with aches for over 3 months. Doctors did all kinds of testing and said I had fibromyalgia. I have been coming here for only 6 weeks now and I have a lot less aches. Thanks for teaching me and making my spine healthy!”

Do I Have to Go Forever?

“Chloe’s head leaned to one side since birth; she started care at 6 months old. Since seeing Dr. Gerard, we have noticed huge improvements in just 3 visits! AMAZING! I myself have also noticed less neck pain and headaches within 3 visits as well! Thank you for everything! It’s a joy to come in!!”

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