Women’s Issues

Women's Issues

Restoring the Balance


womens-issues-doctor-forest-lakeThe word “homeostasis” describes the body’s ability to maintain relatively stable internal conditions even though the outside world is constantly changing.

Homeostasis indicates a dynamic state of equilibrium or a balance in which internal conditions change and vary but always within relatively narrow limits.

Communication within the body is essential for homeostasis and is accomplished chiefly by the nervous and endocrine systems.

HOMEOSTASIS (ho’meo-o-sta’sis) a tendancy to stability in the normal body state internal environment. It is achieved by a system of control mechanisms activated by negative feedback.

Many of the most vital functions of the human body are influenced by the endocrine system, which consists of glands that secrete hormones, or chemical messengers into the bloodstream.


The most common cause of chronic musculoskeletal pain and fatigue, Fibromyalgia affects 4% of the population. Disorders of the Central Nervous System are among the causes of Fibromyalgia. Dr. Gerard explains how Chirorpactic helps with Fibromyalgia –>

The dysfunctions of the CNS include pain perception problems, neurochemical imbalances, decrease in pain threshold, and inconsistent serotonin levels. Serotonin is a chemical that regulates mood, memory, and pain perception. Ongoing research indicates that chiropractic care may alleviate fibromyalgia. Subjects noted significant reduction in pain intensity, lessened fatigue, and improved sleep quality.

forest_lake_chiropractic“Dr. Gerard is a miracle worker!  Having lived with major pain and limitations due to fibromyalgia [and many other ailments] for years I am now off meds for everything!  I was at Lakewoods to prove chiropractic real or a fraud after having no luck with chiropractors in the past.  I was on thirty medications and am down to one for thydroid.  The education and exercise elements of Lakewoods practice are truly remarkable!” – Rita Kis.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

No drug therapy…Many CFS sufferers experience chronic back and neck pain. Chiropractic care is known to alleviate such signs and symptoms by properly aligning the spine; chiropractors provide effective long-tern relief from CFS related conditions.

forest_lake_chiropractic“After 20+ years of headaches and fatigue, I no longer am suffering. Also, I don’t experience mid back pain either. I appreciate Dr. Gerard’s approach to his patients over health. He continually makes great health information available.” – Kristin Tue


Spinal dysfunctions could be a cause of PMS. Tenderness of the neck and low back pain are commonly associated with PMS. Studies show a reduction and prevention of symptoms of PMS.


Many studies have attributed chiropractic care with restoration of function and the ability to conceive. Evidence of vertebral misalignments of the spine interferes and impinges on the nerves of the body, directly effecting how the body communicates and functions.


During pregnancy dramatic changes happen to mom’s posture and spinal function. Chiropractic adjustments have been known to shorten labors, lessen labor pain, and reduce back pain, especially low back pain throughout pregnancy

forest_lake_chiropractic“During my pregnancy, my low back felt relaxed and did not ache. I felt like I could be pregnant forever! The delivery was smooth with no complications. Chiropractic care made my pregnancy and delivery very smooth.” – Tonya Gib.

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