New Patient Information

New Patient Information

When you arrive at Lakewoods Chiropractic in Forest Lake get ready to receive an exam like no other. This exam has four stages.

1. We listen to you.

We care about what you have to say, how it’s affecting your health, and what goals and concerns you may have.

2. We explain what we do next.

We will explain what our approach is to your problem, what chiropractic care is, and what makes us unique.

3. We perform a thorough and extensive spinal and neurological exam.

We focus on performing a complete bio-structural evaluation. We utilize state of the art thermographic and neurologic testing along with the utilization of radiological testing (x-rays) as warranted.

4. We follow up with a detailed report.

Don’t you really want to know what your health challenges are and why you have them? We answer those questions while showing you your results and letting you know what our specific chiropractic plan is for you.


forest_lake_chiropractic“After chiropractic care my arm and neck no longer tingle and go numb! I can play with my daughter and hold her without her asking if my arm is sore and if I need to stop or put her down. I’m also learning a lot so I can better my family’s health and will hopefully instill good habits that last a lifetime-Thanks Dr. Jason!!” -Kellie Murray

forest_lake_chiropractic“Myself and my family have been coming here for 6 plus years and would not trade the time for anything. I have felt better than ever all the time. I do not have headaches anymore. If I get sick, it is for a very short time, never do I call in sick to work unless I want t day off!!! To me I am not getting OLDER!!!!” – Gregory Red.

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