10 Reasons Not To Miss Your Chiropractic Appointment

Posted on Jul 7, 2019

What are 10 reasons not to miss your chiropractic appointment?

10- If you’re going to a chiropractor, you’re proactively prevention-oriented. In other words, regular chiropractic appointments help keep you feeling better and healthier, avoiding illness and disease. If you want to prevent problems from starting and/or compounding, then you don’t want to miss a chiropractic appointment.

9- Chiropractic care is tailored to the individual. Your chiropractor is approaching you with care that’s specifically for you and your needs. Rather than just give you a general pill and hope you feel better, a chiropractor looks for problem areas on your body where he or she can use their hands to gently coax the body back into alignment and good working order. Chiropractors take into account your age, pre-existing health conditions, etc. They take both a holistic and specific approach to each person.

8- With chiropractic, it’s not “us vs. them.” It’s a partnership between the chiropractor and their patient. A chiropractor can’t help you progress toward your goal if you don’t show up for your appointment.

7- One adjustment probably won’t fix everything. Chiropractic care is cumulative and it takes time to work… each appointment builds on previous appointments as the chiropractor works toward the goal of getting you feeling better overall. Missing an appointment slows down progress.

6- If you want to improve your immune function– and most people do– then it’s important to not miss chiropractic appointments. Each time you’re adjusted, the chiropractor is helping boost white blood cells that help make for a healthy immune system.

5- People often feel better after their appointment. A chiropractor can calm people down, allaying their fears and stress.

4- By strengthening the body’s musculoskeletal system, regular appointments help boost athletic performance.

3- When a chiropractor works on the cervical spine, he or she makes adjustments that help stimulate cognitive function.

2- Want to ward off work-related injuries? Visiting the chiropractor helps.

1- A chiropractor sees a lot of patients. If you miss your appointment, you’re taking time away from another person who could be benefiting from having an appointment that day.

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