Chiropractic For Hypertension

Posted on Aug 23, 2020

Do you or someone you know suffer from high blood pressure, aka hypertension? It’s a common condition where the long-term force of the blood against your artery walls is high enough that it could cause health problems such as heart disease or stroke. Typically, people use pills to lower their blood pressure, but for those who want to avoid medications, there’s chiropractic care for reducing hypertension. Chiropractic adjustments made...

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The GutOBrain Axis

Posted on Aug 16, 2020

How’s your brain connected to your gut? Well, did you know you’ve got a “little brain” in your gut? Scientists call it the “enteric nervous system (ENS)” and it contains some 100 million nerve cells lining your gastrointestinal tract. It goes from your esophagus to your rectum! Unlike the brain in your head, the ENS controls digestion. It’s in charge of things like swallowing and breaking down food. Meanwhile, it communicates with the...

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Is Fear Taking Over Your Life?

Posted on Aug 9, 2020

For some people, they’re naturally nervous, fearful or anxious. And, thankfully, they can find ways to calm down. Some choose to play sports like tennis or golf. Others get lost in their hobbies like putting puzzles together, HO train layouts, or collecting dolls or Matchbox cars. Still, with the coronavirus pandemic having overtaken the media, and the world, this year, more and more people are living in fear on a daily basis. Have...

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Losing Weight May Prevent Back Pain

Posted on Aug 2, 2020

If you’re like most people, last New Year’s Eve you vowed to lose weight this year. How’s that going? Most people are seemingly heavier than before, especially thanks to the coronavirus pandemic which has caused much of the U.S. population to stay indoors, in their homes, holed up for months. Sheltering in place has led to weight gain of up to 16 pounds for 76 percent of Americans, according to a study commissioned by Nutrisystem. It...

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Spine-friendly Tips For New Moms

Posted on Jul 26, 2020

If you’re a new mom you can’t avoid baby lifting and feeding. Over the course of the first year your child could end up weighing 30 pounds, and then you have to worry about diaper bags, car seats, strollers and other supplies. That’s a heavy load to bear! That said, here are some spine-friendly tips to prevent back pain, sciatica and herniated discs… When lifting a baby remember to use your knees in the process. Bend them so you’re...

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Do you look for fresh foods at your local market? If so, you’re doing yourself a favor because local produce is good for a person’s health. When produce is grown locally, that means it was grown within a couple miles from the store or market where you’re shopping– rather than grown several time zones away in distant lands, perhaps across continents. Food coming from far away could easily get contaminated as it travels many, many...

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