Posts made in August, 2018

Whiplash injuries myths and truths

Posted on Aug 26, 2018

Whiplash is usually associated with car crashes, whereas a person’s head jerked forward or backward suddenly and… pain resulted. Basically, with whiplash, that sudden force stretches and/or tears the muscles and tendons in a person’s neck, and that hurts! What are some whiplash injury myths and truths? Perhaps the main myth out there is that the vehicle’s speed of impact predicts the whiplash injury. You’d assume if the car or truck...

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Hot news about hot peppers

Posted on Aug 19, 2018

Hot peppers are known for giving people a burning sensation, because, well, they’re hot, right? But what is it about peppers that makes them hot? It turns out they contain capsaicin, which is a molecular compound you’d also find in some popular pain-reliever pills. Capsaicin has no dietary content (such as calories or nutrients) but it gives the eater a “burning sensation.” Found in every part of the pepper except for the seed,...

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Chiropractic care for chest pain?

Posted on Aug 12, 2018

Have you ever had chest pain? If so, you know that it can feel very scary– and the first thing most people assume is, “I’m having a heart attack.” There’s cardiac-related chest pain, which means something’s not right with the heart and its arteries. But then there’s also “mechanical” chest pain. This is where the bones and/or joints of the chest and middle back are not functioning properly. A person feels pain because nerves...

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When people think about visiting a chiropractor, it’s usually to get some relief because their neck or back hurts. Fair enough– because that IS what chiropractors are well-known for, but what about other benefits of chiropractic care? Say, for instance, going to a chiropractor could make you smarter? Is that possible? It turns out that research shows there’s a connection between back problems and your brain. So, if you improve...

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