Posts made in April, 2018

Boost Your Immune System

Posted on Apr 29, 2018

If you’ve ever watched Star Trek, in any of its forms, you’ve probably heard the captain of the ship tell his or her crew, “Shields up!” If an enemy tried to fire on their ship, obviously they’d want good defense so the ship wouldn’t get damaged. Our bodies are kind of like spaceships, in the sense that we need protection from invaders, too. Our “shields up” equates to the body’s immune system, which defends against infectious...

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Chronic Pain Affects the Brain

Posted on Apr 22, 2018

A lot people experience chronic back or neck pain. They have an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. According to the International Association for the Study of Pain, that is what pain is. Basically, chronic pain is a sensation felt in a certain part of the body that is unpleasant enough to cause the person negative feelings. “It hurts so bad that I just can’t stand the pain...

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How to Prevent Bicycling Injury

Posted on Apr 15, 2018

When the weather warms up outdoors in Minnesota, suddenly everyone and their brother seems to find and ride a bicycle. Cycling helps improve people’s physical and mental health, especially after a long, dark, cold winter, right? Pedalling on a bike at the gym, indoors, also works well for people who want to improve muscle tone without putting too much stress on their knee and ankle joints. Whether it’s indoors or out, cycling is one...

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Awesome Avocados

Posted on Apr 8, 2018

If there was one fruit that really “took off” in the past two decades it has to be the avocado. While avocados have been around a long time, doesn’t it seem like they’re in “everything” these days? They’re definitely popular. Just go to a restaurant and discover that avocado has found its way into/onto several dishes. The good news is that avocados are quite nutritious– if you haven’t ever tried avocado, 2018 might be your year...

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Have you ever felt a feeling of strain and pressure on your mind, body and spirit? There’s such a thing as “emotional stress,” and it’s no joke. Many people experience it. What are some signs you might be emotionally stressed out? For starters, you might be feeling tired all the time. Your lack of energy is causing you to not want to work. Sometimes you don’t even feel like getting out of bed and facing the day. Meanwhile, you could...

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