Posts made in July, 2018

During the past couple decades, more and more families have bought and installed outdoor trampolines. While adults sometimes use them, they’re mostly popular with children. That said, playing around on trampolines can lead to serious, often permanent injuries, so there are some things parents should know about trampoline safety and such… Who is most likely to get injured on a trampoline? That would be children younger than...

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Lesser Known Effects of Back Pain

Posted on Jul 22, 2018

Back pain is the worst, isn’t it? One of the main effects of back pain is that it means your back hurts and that pain makes you have a harder time moving around… so it’s harder to get out of bed, harder to get in and out of a car, and harder to sit for long periods of time at restaurants and movie theaters. Ugh. But what are some lesser known effects of back pain? For one, it can mess with your mental well-being. Did you ever know...

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Medication Overuse Headache

Posted on Jul 15, 2018

Have you ever experienced a medication overuse headache? This occurs when using pain medications too frequently causes the headache! While they used to be known as “rebound headaches,” today they’re referred to as medication overuse headaches and to be considered such, they generally need to occur more than 15 days a month for at least three months straight. Who is most at risk? People who use narcotic and butalbital-containing meds....

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Swim Your Way To Health

Posted on Jul 8, 2018

It’s summertime, and that means a lot of people are enjoying time in the pool, river or lake. Minnesota winters can be cold and snowy, but come July and August, the temperature heats up and people flock to bodies of water for relaxation, fun, and exercise. And, of course, to cool off, too! Can you “swim your way to health?” Yes. Swimming is an aerobic workout that works well for those who like being somewhat unshackled from the...

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Stress and Health

Posted on Jul 1, 2018

We hear a lot about “stress,” but when’s the last time you thought about what things trigger stress? For most people, office work is the main cause of stress in their lives. Deadlines, bosses and working long hours can definitely cause stress. So can being handed a heavy load at work where you’re expected to do too much in too little time with too few resources. Are you unhappy in your job right now? Are you unsure about your job’s...

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