Posts made in March, 2018

It seems like more and more parents today are saying no to football. In other words, mom and dad are telling junior he is not allowed to play on his high school team. Indeed, football is on the wane while other sports are growing in popularity. The main reason? Concussions. One only has to read the news today to discover that many NFL football players have had serious brain damage caused by pummeling into one another in a hardcore way...

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Psychosocial Factors in Back Pain

Posted on Mar 19, 2018

“Psychosocial” is a term most people first hear in their college psychology class. For the layperson, lets just say it means something like this: your mind and your environment can affect how you feel. Take work, for example. You probably have some work-related stress. You deal with all sorts of “stuff” at work. Certain people cause your blood pressure to go up, and others make you want to run and hide. Obviously, depending on what...

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What keeps you safer– airbags or seat belts? The correct answer is seatbelts, which is why you’re supposed to wear them whenever you’re in the vehicle and it’s moving. Meanwhile, airbags are there as a sort-of “last resort,” in case there’s a sudden impact. Think of airbags as giant pillows that pop out at you upon impact. They can help “lessen the blow.” Driver safety is important and it has been said that seat belts save...

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