Acne: A Natural Approach

Posted on Nov 20, 2017

Many people get acne. Pimples are seemingly ubiquitous. Teenagers, especially, have to battle acne, which is often deemed unsightly and embarrassing. No one wants a giant red zit on their nose, especially when prom season rolls around, right?

What are some causes of acne? For starters, there’s puberty, when a kid’s hormones are on overdrive. Then there’s premenstrual acne, which many women deal with on a monthly basis. Sometimes oral contraceptives can contribute to the development of acne, as well as hormonal imbalances, candida, certain drugs, allergies and even stress.

Underneath the skin we all have hair follicles and oil-producing sebaceous glands. Acne occurs when there’s a problem in these areas– the hair follicles aren’t getting rid of dead cells quickly and/or the glands are producing too much oil that’s clogging one’s pores. Here’s where it gets interesting: when dead cells stick to a hair follicle full of sebum (an oily, waxy substance) guess what happens? This becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. And then you get pimples full of pus. When a pimple pops (opens up), then the pus is let loose. Pus is actually a thick yellowish or greenish opaque liquid produced in infected tissue, consisting of dead white blood cells and bacteria with tissue debris and serum. Yeah, it’s gross. People do not like having acne!

What are some ways to avoid developing acne? You can avoid taking in too much sugar and/or processed foods while eating more foods rich in zinc. Best of all, drink as much water as possible a day as possible, which helps “flush out” your system(s). It’s a good idea to limit your intake of dairy products. As for your skin, you can minimize oiliness by using a mild astringent such as witch hazel on it. Steaming your skin helps open up the pores and calm down irritated skin.

Interestingly, some people visit the chiropractor for help with their acne flare-ups. Chiropractic care involves correcting any nerve interference such that affected organs are essentially “calmed down.” Spinal adjustments can free up affected nerves making them function better, which, in turn, lessens a person’s problems with acne.

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