Can you have the Health of an Olympian?

Posted on Aug 30, 2016

One of the reasons people like to watch the Olympics is to see other people test their limits and succeed, “getting the gold.” The average person doesn’t take the time to train their body to handle the physical demands of Olympic sports like gymnastics or competitive swimming, but that doesn’t mean we don’t all at least think, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if that was me doing that?”

Can we have the health of an Olympian? Perhaps. Obviously, it takes a lot of discipline and training to be an Olympian. There are some things we can learn from Olympians, who’ve helped pave the path to better fitness, more energy and accomplishing big goals, right?

How your body functions depends a lot on your core– this is the area that’s around your belly. Olympians take the time to stretch their muscles out, including their core muscles and their back muscles. They also eat the kinds of foods that cut down on belly fat rather than add it on. If you’ve heard of “squats,” ask a trainer to show you the proper form and start doing those– Olympians swear by them.

Feeling sluggish? Even Olympians can tire out. One marathon runner would suggest you take a short walk outside, preferably in the cold air when you can. It’ll perk you up.

Do you hate the way your body looks? Even Olympians have “problem areas.” However, you can think your way toward better thoughts, concentrating on what you like about your body. What you tell yourself goes a long way in helping you be healthier. It’s not unusual for Olympians to tack up encouraging, motivational quotes on their walls and mirrors to help keep them going despite some setbacks.

Being healthy like an Olympian is both a physical and mental thing. Sometimes you need a mentor and/or someone to help spur you toward your goals, right? Consider becoming a regular at Lakewoods Chiropractic. It’s a place that helps people be their best. Call 651-464-0800 to make your first appointment today.

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