Chiropractic Care & Arthritis

Posted on Feb 21, 2021

Are your joints “all messed up” and feeling painful? Do you have reduced range of motion? Arthritis is no joke! It means pain, swelling and reduced range of motion in the affected area, and it can hamper your everyday life. You’re not able to do the things you used to do and that can be depressing. Chiropractic care, though, can help people with arthritis. You can feel better and get back to the person you want to be.

As people age, their joints can wear down over time… and “osteoarthritis” is what this is called when things start degenerating to the point where the cartilage between joints is less, such that joints rub together causing friction, leading to stiffness, swelling and pain. Ugh! That said, some things can help: staying fit and active, building and strengthening muscles, and using cold/hot therapies can be some short-term solutions. Long-term, though, it’s best to seek chiropractic care where your chiropractor works on restoring alignment to the spine and other joints. By using hand manipulation to help restore proper nerve communication, your chiropractor helps the body heal itself, giving you improved health and wellness.

What about rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis? Rather than being degenerative in nature, these types of arthritis involve inflammation in the joints and tissues surrounding them. There’s a decrease in joint tissue and/or fluid such that inflammation causes pain. A chiropractor can make adjustments to restore nerve communication and improve blood flow.

Want to slow down or stop the progression of arthritis? Make an appointment at Lakewoods Chiropractic in Forest Lake, MN. Chiro care can help reduce the pain, naturally, and improve your ability to do the things you want to do, like knit or play sports. Call Lakewoods Chiropractic at 651-464-0800 to schedule your appointment. And for more information about this topic, see this page:

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