Delivering A Healthy Baby

Posted on Jan 6, 2017

When a woman gets pregnant, her body changes. She can no longer fit into her “normal” pants. Her belly gets bigger. There’s strain on various parts of her body because, well, there’s a child growing inside of her. Men might never understand what it’s like, but many women know that having another human being growing inside of them is like no other experience in the world!

Chiropractic care has helped countless women feel better through their pregnancies. Thanks to good, consistent chiropractic care, many mothers have had healthy pregnancies, healthy babies, and, best yet, easier labor experiences.

Why should an expectant mom put her chiropractor on speed dial? It’s all about the spine, baby!

When a person’s spine is aligned, things are normal and fine. When the spine is misaligned, all sorts of health problems can and do occur. Add the pressure of a baby growing in the stomach area, and you can be sure the spine is going to be like, “What is going on here?” It’s easy for the spine to become misaligned if no chiropractor is tending to it.

A misaligned spine means the nervous system can’t function as well as it should. Pressure is put on a person’s nerves to the point where the brain can’t get its messages down the spine in an easy way to control the organs.

Pregnancy makes women gain weight. This puts more pressure on the lower spine. It shifts forward and down and thus women experience pain. As a woman’s breasts get bigger during pregnancy, more pressure is put on the upper spine. Again, more pain, right?

A chiropractor’s job is to relieve pressure, helping the body align itself so the person doesn’t have such awful pain anymore. Many women gladly visit their chiropractors before, during and after pregnancies because they need the help a chiropractor gives through chiropractic care.

Some of the best benefits of chiropractic care throughout a pregnancy include:

–the ability to sleep better
–less aches and pains
–positioning your body and joints into the best position for labor
–keeping your back and neck feeling good
–improved immune system
–less stress

A healthy mother can deliver a healthy baby. Therefore, chiropractic care from Dr. Gerard at Lakewoods Chiropractic makes sense. Call 651-464-0800 to schedule an appointment.


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