Drug Free Approach to Preventing Headaches

Posted on Sep 16, 2018

Is what you eat/consume really related to having headaches? Most people assume there are some headache triggers, involving caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, cheese and artificial sweeteners as chief culprits. These could be triggers, but research doesn’t actually have the power to statistically, definitively say, “Yes, you got a headache because you ate ______.” Other possible headache triggers might include exposure to histamines, nitrites or the amino acid tyramine.

So, if you wanted to try an experiment to reduce/prevent headaches, try eliminating one or more foods/drinks that you think might be causing them, and see how it goes. You might, for instance, want to adapt to a low histamine diet. Or decide to try an anti-inflammatory diet, thereby reducing your intake of foods with omega-6 fats, while increasing your intake of omega-3s and monounsaturated fats.

How about this: eat more nuts, avocados, fish, olive oil, flax and hemp. Eat less corn, soy, veggie oil and processed foods made with these ingredients.

If you want to prevent headaches, make sure you’re not dehydrated. Drink plenty of water daily. Don’t skip meals. And do what it takes so you don’t experience the effects of low blood sugar.

Finally, practice yoga, relaxation techniques, and stress reduction whenever possible, as drug-free ways to prevent headaches.

If and when you do experience headaches and you need some drug-free remedies to beat headache pain, there are some safe ways to achieve this.

For starters, you actually take a moderate dose of caffeine, and this will constrict your blood vessels that go to the head. If you don’t want caffeine in your body, just use an icepack– applying it to the areas that hurt. The cold helps restrict blood vessels and relieve pain.

Aerobic exercise is another way to relieve headache pain. Doing exercises helps stimulate pain-reducing neurotransmitters, so utilize that stationary bike that has been used to hang drying laundry.

Do you like Gatorade? It’s a good drink to ward off headaches because it quickly rehydrates you, boosting your blood sugar too.

And if you don’t mind massage, enjoy the feel of someone else massaging your temples, neck and scalp to get the blood flowing and make you feel good.

Many headache sufferers feel better after visiting their chiropractor. Lakewoods Chiropractic has indeed helped many people lessen or get rid of their headache problems over time.

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