Fall Into Fitness: How Chiropractic Boosts Athletic Performance

Posted on Oct 21, 2018

Are you an athlete who wants a competitive advantage? Or are you someone who just wants to be more fit? Chiropractic care can help boost your fitness level so that you’re stronger and have better endurance.

Basically, if your spine is aligned properly, it’s “all systems go.” You can “fire on all cylinders.” However, if your spine is out of whack, then it’s as if your body is being held back by itself; it cannot function at its peak. A chiropractor spends time making sure your spine is aligned in such a way that your muscles function well and your motor-control is in tip-top shape. Want to see your range of motion increase? Want to feel more coordinated, with better balance? All of these things are what chiropractors help you achieve through regular chiropractic care.

When you exercise, you’re typically breaking muscle tissues. Hence you feel weaker right after a workout. That said, if you eat protein and other nutritious foods your body is going to repair itself such that your muscles grow bigger and stronger. All of those weightlifters at the gym are seeking bigger biceps on their arms, because having those “guns” shows other people, “Hey, look at me, I am strong!” That’s a good thing.

Sometimes people who exercise a lot tend to overdo it. They might experience pain because they weren’t lifting weights with a proper form. Or maybe they just spent too much time doing something over and over to the point where their fatigue overwhelmed parts of their body. Oftentimes, exercisers injure the tendons and ligaments which connect muscles to bones/bones to bones. Chiropractic care can help an exerciser’s body recover from overtraining.

What are some signs you’re working out too much/too hard? If you have poor sleep, feel irritable often, have gained weight unexpectedly, have lost an interest in sex, and/or feel “brain fog” often, you might be overdoing it. Basically, your body needs time to sleep and to “recover” from exercise sessions. Meanwhile, chiropractic can help with recovery, as well as putting things back where they belong inside the body in case you inadvertently moved them “out of place” causing yourself pain.

Lakewoods Chiropractic works with many Forest Lake residents regarding their fitness goals– helping them relieve pain while making strides to become stronger, quicker and more energetic. Make an appointment with Lakewoods today if you want to boost your fitness level.

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