Is Fear Taking Over Your Life?

Posted on Aug 9, 2020

For some people, they’re naturally nervous, fearful or anxious. And, thankfully, they can find ways to calm down. Some choose to play sports like tennis or golf. Others get lost in their hobbies like putting puzzles together, HO train layouts, or collecting dolls or Matchbox cars. Still, with the coronavirus pandemic having overtaken the media, and the world, this year, more and more people are living in fear on a daily basis.

Have you not gone out of your house in months? Have you had to have groceries delivered? Do you worry about touching things without sanitizing your hands? Did you decide to give up handshakes and hugs?

This pandemic is the pits! It’s making even confident people question what’s going on, how long this will last, and what will happen in the future. Indeed, not knowing the outcome of “all this” makes many people have sleepless nights. Are we, as a society, more miserable than a few months ago? Definitely! We can’t travel like we used to. We can’t go to certain places because they’re closed. And we may know people who have died from the virus. It’s awful.

That said, are you letting fear take over your life? If so, that’s not good for your health. When your body is consistently in a state of fear and anxiety, your brain releases stress hormones on a regular basis. This can result in headaches, dizziness and depression. When your body responds to a threat it releases adrenaline and cortisol– and if it’s doing that a lot, lately, then you’re likely to gain weight. You’re also likely to experience heart palpitations and chest pain as well as nausea, diarrhea and other digestive issues. Being worried all the time can also mess up your immune system and respiratory system as well.

Social isolation is not good. Have you been feeling depressed lately? Do you have frequent headaches and muscle tension? Chances are that fear and anxiety are overwhelming you, not only mentally but physically, too. Therefore, consider getting some help. If you need to relax, make an appointment at Lakewoods Chiropractic in Forest Lake, MN. The chiropractor can find places in your body where there’s tension and help release it, taking some of your pain away. Chiropractors help the body heal itself. And it’s always good to talk to someone about the fear and stress you’re experiencing– sometimes just verbally sharing what’s going on with you can help calm your nerves.

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