Middle Back Pain and Lakewoods Chiropractic

Posted on Sep 5, 2017

Middle back pain is high on the list of reasons people visit a chiropractor. Why do people get middle back pain? Generally, it stems from something called a vertebral subluxation. This occurs if and when spinal movement is restricted and/or the spinal bones (aka the vertebrae) become misaligned. Dr. Gerard performs chiropractic adjustments on people with middle back pain in order to offer them much needed relief.

Did you know the technical name for your middle back is the thoracic area? This area goes from below your neck to above your waist. Within the thoracic area you’ve got your spine, which consists of 12 spinal bones (vertebrae). They interlock and form a rigid column around your spinal cord, offering it housing and protection. Furthermore, each vertebra is connected to one of your ribs. Interestingly, your rib cage is rigid, too, and generally keeps the thoracic area “in check.” So, middle back pain isn’t as common as, say, neck pain or lower back pain.

While the aforementioned vertebral subluxations are typically the cause of middle back pain, in some cases it could be something else. For example, perhaps there’s a fracture in your thoracic area caused by trauma. A fracture can occur if and when you get into a car accident, fall down unexpectedly, and/or you get hit by someone or something in a direct way, such as a punch or kick. It’s not unusual for athletes participating in sports like football or soccer to experience middle back pain at some point in their life.

Another thing that could cause middle back pain is a herniated disc. This is where the “cushion” between your vertebral discs, which has a gel-like center, ends up jutting out of its normal place. Chiropractic care can help those with herniated discs feel better.

In rare cases, middle back pain could be a symptom of cancer in the lungs or breasts. Other times it could mean a person has cardiovascular problems or kidney stones. X-rays can help determine what’s truly going on underneath the skin, if needed.

If you’re experiencing middle back pain, please make an appointment to see Dr. Gerard. Call Lakewoods Chiropractic today at 651-464-0800.

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