Optimal Wellness: A Laughing Matter

Posted on May 25, 2017

Did you ever notice people who seem to have a healthy glow laugh often, while those who don’t look pale, bland and, if we’re honest, a bit out of it?

Laughter is so good for us. Why do you think people flock to movies, TV shows and events to hear and see comedians deliver jokes, people fall down, and the tried-and-true favorite: a pie in the face? Laughter lightens our mood; it makes us feel much better. And with the way the world is today, where we’re constantly barraged with bad news, laughter is vital to our wellness.

Here’s where it gets interesting: laughter actually functions like a mild workout. When you laugh, your body is getting exercise! Laughter involves muscles moving, blood flowing, a decrease in blood pressure, and an increase in both memory and mental performance. It’s no wonder that companies want to use humor to teach/reach their workers and/or customers… people are more open to hearing something funny than to being lectured at… And laughter means people are feeling good!

Chiropractors often deal with people who have tensed up to the point where there’s some sort of interference going on in their nervous system causing a painful problem. If you’re really tense all day, your body will respond to that negatively. Stress messes people up.

How can you loosen up and laugh more everyday?

First, give yourself permission to be imperfect. Think in terms of “less serious, more playful” in your approach to daily life. People flock to funny people and oftentimes avoid the oh-so-serious ones. Ask your chiropractor for some practical ways to loosen up and not take life so seriously. Something as simple as finding a sitcom to watch everyday for a laugh could help transform your overall attitude.

Next, you are in charge of yourself and how you react to things. When things are out of your control and they “go wrong,” look for the irony of the situation and comment on it. Make yourself laugh. Chances are, if others are around, they’ll laugh too. Then you’ll be the person who puts others at ease, and they’ll appreciate you for that. Laughter helps defuse tension and stress.

Finally, find funny people and spend time in their presence. Perhaps some of their quirky sense of humor will rub off on you. Even better, they’ll get you laughing a lot, which is good for optimal wellness.

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