Pain-Free does not mean Disease- or Injury-Free

Posted on Jun 2, 2017

Some people are born with problems. These problems can show up later in life where they go to their doctor and are told, “Well, it’s genetic and there’s not much we can do about it.”

If you’re afflicted with a problem, and you have an injury or a disease, that doesn’t mean you can’t be pain free while still having that injury or disease.

Generally, pain comes after physical damage is done. A chiropractor’s job is to help relieve your pain through chiropractic adjustments, massage and other non-invasive methods.

It’s possible that you can live with an injury or disease that’s physically “there,” but without the horrible associated pain that comes with it. How can this happen? Well, it involves several factors.

Take, for example, a patient who has had chronic back problems. She has two discs in her spinal column which are no longer functioning the way they should. It’s genetic and perhaps a major surgery could help– though there are no guarantees. This patient has injured discs. Those discs mess with her sciatic nerve and she gets pain not only in her lower back but up and down her leg all the way to the foot.

The pain from spinal problems can be debilitating. Many people miss work because of it. However, there are ways to deal with such pain to make it as minimal as possible, despite there still being problems internally.

For example, the lady with the disc problems not only sees a chiropractor once a week but also visits a massage therapist. And when her pain got so bad that she could barely function for three months, she ended up getting a cortisone shot that ultimately helped with the pain. Now she’s able to stand up, sit down, drive, bend, go out with friends, and live life in a relatively “normal” way. Without the care of her doctors, chiropractor and masseuse, she’d be bed-ridden, in terrible pain, cursing the world!

Chiropractors like the ones at Lakewoods Chiropractic in Forest Lake have natural and good ways to help people relieve their pain. If you have a disease or injury that’s not going away anytime soon, but you’d like help minimizing the pain, call 651-464-0800 today

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