Running Injuries

Posted on Jun 19, 2018

Are you a jogger? Do you do a lot of running? If so, you might end up with running injuries if you push yourself too hard. What are some common running injuries you should know about?

First, there’s “runner’s knee,” which typically occurs when your kneecap gets out of alignment. If and when you feel pain around your kneecap while sitting with the knee bent for a long time, and/or going up or down stairs, you might have runner’s knee.

Next is a “shin splint.” If you run long distances and/or run several days a week, shin splints may occur whereas you feel pain in the front of your lower leg along the shin bone, also known as your tibia. Shin splints and stress fractures (a small crack in a bone in the shin and/or feet) are painful while doing activities– but can feel “okay” with rest. Interestingly, those with flat feet are more likely to develop shin splints.

Thirdly, there’s such a thing as “Achilles tendinopathy,” which is an inflammation of the Achilles tendon, located where the calf and heel meet.

Running injuries also include muscle pulls/strains, which are tears often caused by overstretching, as well as ankle sprains.

On the bottom of your foot, from your heel to your toes, there’s a band of tissue known as the plantar fascia. Runners often develop inflammation in this area, and the condition is known as “plantar fasciitis.” Oftentimes, runners visit a chiropractor to help relieve this pain.

What are some ways to prevent running injuries? Anytime you’ve got consistent pain in a muscle or joint and it’s not getting better with rest, you should see a professional rather than just ignore it and hope it goes away. It’s also a good idea to “check in” with a trainer to help guide you with your running plan. A trainer can help you determine the right amount and intensity of running to do, as well as long-term goals. Meanwhile, warming up and stretching before going for your jog, as well as stretching after you do, too, is a very smart thing to do. Strength training, with an emphasis on developing your core muscles/strength, helps prevent injuries. Rather than only running, it’s best to mix up your exercise time with other stuff like biking or swimming. This, in turn, helps prevent overuse injuries because you’re not always using the same muscles over and over.

If and when you do think you’re experiencing running injuries, and the pain/discomfort is becoming unbearable, make an appointment for relief at Lakewoods Chiropractic. Call the clinic at 651-464-0800.

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