Teens and Back Pain and Sports

Posted on Dec 21, 2021

Chiropractors treat a lot of teenagers who are dealing with back pain. While many of them carry heavy backpacks at school during the day, it’s also not unusual for teenage athletes to experience strains and pains thanks to the after school sports they play such as football, basketball and tennis.

Typically teens have strong and healthy bodies, so you don’t think they’d need a chiropractor, right? But the reality is that many teens are dealing with back pain problems these days because they’re doing repetitive or intense movements in sports like gymnastics, baseball and bowling. One bad twist and they could be in terrible pain! Just like adults, teens can experience injuries when they’re engaging in sports.

Teens often think they’re invincible, so they want to show off to friends in the weight room by lifting weights that are seriously too heavy for them to handle! Or they practice for hours on end, doing the same movements over and over again, striving for perfection in things like tennis serves or trying to hit a baseball or softball pitch. They’re wearing themselves out. Furthermore, teens often don’t do much physical activity for long stretches of time– think summer vacation– and then overdo it when it comes time to stand out on their sports team.

If you’re a teen who has been dealing with severe back pain that has lasted more than four weeks, you should definitely see a chiropractor. If the pain wakes you up in the night, you’ve experienced sudden (and unexplained) weight loss, or you’ve had trouble walking, then your back pain might need specialized treatment.

From posture correction to stretching exercises, a chiropractor can work with a teen and help them overcome the back pain they’ve experienced from school stress and/or sports injuries. Call and schedule an appointment at Lakewoods Chiropractic, located at 255 Highway 97, #2A, in Forest Lake, Minnesota. Our number is 651-464-0800 or you can email [email protected].

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