What Do Symptoms Really Mean?

Posted on Jan 5, 2020

If you go to most general practitioners (GP), they’ll be diseased-focused, whereas most chiropractors are wellness-focused. In other words, a GP will look at your symptoms and prescribe pills to get those symptoms to go away… whereas a chiropractor takes a more holistic, preventative, and/or proactive approach to a person’s health. They’ll want to make hands-on adjustments to get to the root of your problems (in a natural way), rather than just temporarily treating the symptoms with pills.

What do symptoms really mean when it comes to spinal and musculoskeletal disorders? Symptoms are evidence that something’s going on somewhere, and that something is probably causing you pain. Oftentimes, people today regard symptoms as indicators of the start of an illness. However, chiropractic care assumes that symptoms indicate the final mark of an illness. Therefore, chiropractors work diligently in order to prevent spinal/musculoskeletal disorders before symptoms even appear!

Typically, chiropractors examine patients and look for vertebral subluxations (partial dislocations of joints) in their earliest stages. Think of this as a car mechanic checking car parts for any signs of wear and tear that could lead to a breakdown later on… and by making adjustments proactively, that “part” should be good for many more miles. By making adjustments, a chiropractor helps the body heal itself and function properly.

Basically, chiropractors like to challenge their patients to shift the way they think about symptoms, with a focus on prevention.

What are some common symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders which chiropractors are trying to fix before they get out of hand? Symptoms might include pain, stiffness, weakness, joint noises and decreased range of motion. When the body has inflammation, certain body parts might swell or get warm and/or tender. They might not function as intended. Skin might redden. A chiropractor will, of course, ask about these symptoms, but, better yet, try to help patients proactively take care of their potential problems before they even get to the point of having overt and noticeable symptoms.

If something’s “not quite right” with your neck, shoulder or back, chances are a visit to a chiropractor can truly help you feel better soon. Why not make an appointment at Lakewoods Chiropractic in Forest Lake, MN, by calling 651-464-0800?

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