Can chiropractic adjustments make you smarter?

Posted on Aug 5, 2018

When people think about visiting a chiropractor, it’s usually to get some relief because their neck or back hurts. Fair enough– because that IS what chiropractors are well-known for, but what about other benefits of chiropractic care? Say, for instance, going to a chiropractor could make you smarter? Is that possible?

It turns out that research shows there’s a connection between back problems and your brain. So, if you improve your back, you can improve the function of your brain. Specific spinal adjustments done by your chiropractor can help make the communication process between your brain, spinal column and nerves work well. A chiropractor works to get rid of “interferences” and “misalignments” inside of you. Just like an accident on the highway causes back-ups for miles, so, too, can interferences and misalignments– making it harder for your brain to function well.

Have you ever had difficulty concentrating? Have you found yourself having brain fog or having a harder time just thinking about things? You may have interference in the connections within you. There’s something called “neuroplasticity.” It refers to the brain’s ability to, like a computer, reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. So, if one path is “broken” or “trouble,” the brain finds new paths to use to send signals/messages.

When you have negative neuroplasticity, it’s harder to be smart about things because your brain isn’t functioning like you’d hope it would. You might have brain fog or even memory loss. However, if you want to “jumpstart” the brain to improve (and/or heal) cognitive functioning, then one way to do that is through chiropractic care. Ultimately, spinal adjustments help optimize both brain and nerve health. So, technically, chiropractic care could make you smarter!

If you’ve felt like you’re not as smart as you used to be, and something’s “off,” but you can’t quite figure it out, perhaps it’s time to make an appointment at Lakewoods Chiropractic in Forest Lake, MN. Maybe spinal adjustments and such could help clear away your brain fog, and allow for clearer thinking. It’s worth a try– call the Lakewoods clinic at 651-464-0800 to make an appointment.

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