The Five Keys To Transforming Your Health Today!

Posted on Dec 1, 2015

It amazes me for a country with so much, we have so little QUALITY health. I emphasize the word Quality. Yes, we still live to 70 or 80 years of age on average, but are we really living or are we just surviving? Just drop by your local town nursing home and really take a good look. For me, the lasting memories are burned in me to this day. Seeing my Grandma lying in that nursing home bed, completely overmedicated, having no clue who we were. Just months prior, she was telling us she loved us, to now not even knowing we exist. I remember sitting there making a vow at that moment that that would never be me. But how can one prevent oneself from being in that same bed years later? Do I have any control?

The drug companies and media attempt to sell us on the idea that it’s all bad luck or genetics. But if you really examine that idea, does it make any real sense? For example, why has type II diabetes increased by a WHOPPING 90% in just the last decade alone? Bad genes? In ten years? What about the billions of dollars we put into cancer research every year, yet one out of every three people in the US today above 60 years of age has been diagnosed with it? Are we really closer to a cure? Do I even have to mention heart disease? A wise person once said to me, the quality of one’s life is defined by the quality of questions one asks. Maybe we’re as a society asking the wrong questions? Think about that for a second.

I propose to you to ask this life altering question instead. Instead of “Why is our health in so much trouble”, how about asking, “What do I need to do to live a healthy life”? Amazing that when you ask a better question, the possibilties are endless. So now that you have asked a better question, here’s your answer.

Five keys to transforming your health…

1. You need to average 6-7 hours of UNINTERRUPTED sleep

2. You MUST get your heart beating at 60% of its maximum for 15 minutes, 4 days/week MINIMUM

3. You need to cleanse your body at least 4 times/year and eat half of your food organically

4. You need 10 minutes/day to close your eyes without ANY distractions to clear your mind

5. You MUST maintain and optimize the system that controls everything, the nervous system

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