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Posted on Sep 1, 2015

About five years ago, I was presented with a set of facts and stats that blew me away, and forever changed my view of what health REALLY was. In fact, I have spent dozens of hours researching the “why” of these figures ever since. It was a number that came out from the World Health Organization that was given to me innocently enough. The WHO, as it’s affectionately known as, job is to be the police, the overseers of health across the world. One of the roles of the WHO is to evaluate a country’s health status and rate it against everyone elses.

Now living in the USA all my life, I have just always assumed things are better, safer, and more technologically advanced here. When it came to health, I assumed we were also the best, no questions asked. That’s when I read this in the Journal of the American Medical Association : The US ranks as the 37th healthiest country in the world. In fact, our health system lies between Costa Rica’s and Slovenia’s, and is just barely ahead of much poorer neighbors to the south, Cuba. If “how could that be right” came to your mind, join the club. But here are the facts…

1. In the US : we’re the most medicated country in the world, BY FAR. We take 5x more Ritalin in this country for example than all the other countries in the world COMBINED! The average retiree is on 5 or MORE meds everyday!

2. In the US : adverse reactions to PROPERLY prescribed meds kills 106,000 people/ year. That is the equivalent to THREE jumbo jets crashing every TWO days! Not only that, but routine medical errors account for another 100,000 deaths/yr!

3. Our infant mortality rate is AT THE BOTTOM, compared to the thirteen other major industrialized countries of the world!

4. That doesn’t even factor in the millions of unnecessary hospitalizations every year, antibiotics given, and surgical procedures performed.

There’s another way… it comes from within your body! Remember the body is self healing, and self regulating. Get checked today, and unlock that POWER!

Note: all info comes from the article “Death By Medicine”, with 80 plus references.

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