Hidden Injuries From Automobile Collisions

Posted on Jan 17, 2021

When people are involved in a car crash they typically have neck and back pains. But there can also be hidden injuries that aren’t even felt or known about for weeks or perhaps months later.

For example, the force of a collision can cause tissue between the vertebrae of the spine to “balloon out” or rupture. When this happens, the person experiences a herniated disc. This herniation puts pressure on nerves coming out of the spine. What can be the result? Well, a person might have severe pain, as well as loss of feeling and even the loss of control of their muscles, typically in their arms or legs. So, after what seemed like a “mild” car crash, it’s possible that a person could experience numbness in their toes, or worse– have a hard time walking!

Other hidden injuries associated with car crashes include traumatic brain injuries. If your head (and brain) hit something, such as the dashboard, and there’s an injury, you could experience long-term damage to your brain and its ability to function. Your brain tells your body what to do, so if it’s not working well, you can have other problems. Brain injuries can make people forgetful, angry, etc.

What about knee injuries? If a person’s knees strike the dashboard during a crash, they could end up with a shattered patella (knee cap) or other injury such as a torn meniscus.

Shoulder injuries are fairly common after collisions. The seat belt can do its job, but it can also force the body to twist in a manner that results in strains, tears and bruises.

Finally, there’s the psychological impact of being in a crash. It’s not unusual for people to develop a phobia about being in a car again, because they fear they’ll get hit/injured again. They can also experience depression and anxiety, feeling bad about the whole situation.

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