Spine-friendly Tips For New Moms

Posted on Jul 26, 2020

If you’re a new mom you can’t avoid baby lifting and feeding. Over the course of the first year your child could end up weighing 30 pounds, and then you have to worry about diaper bags, car seats, strollers and other supplies. That’s a heavy load to bear!

That said, here are some spine-friendly tips to prevent back pain, sciatica and herniated discs…

When lifting a baby remember to use your knees in the process. Bend them so you’re squatting rather than bending from the waist. You should ideally keep your back straight and your feet hip-width apart while holding the baby close to your body. Use your legs to stand up rather than your back.

When feeding a baby, choose a chair that has back support so you can sit up straight rather than slouch. Bring the baby to your breast rather than bending over to the baby. If you use a feeding tray/high chair, remove the feeding tray before putting the baby in or out of the chair to make it easier on your back.

Instead of always carrying your baby in your arms without any additional support, you can get a baby carrier. Buy one that has wide and padded shoulder straps and a belt that goes around your hips to help distribute the weight. While some moms try carrying their child on their hip, that can overload their back muscles and cause pain. If you must do this, alternate between both sides to even out the load bearing.

What about car seats? Sit next to the car seat with your baby in your lap. Rotate your body to the side to put the baby in the seat. This is better than reaching into the car from a standing position at the door.

Finally, keep in mind that muscle strengthening exercises and proper posture will help prevent back pain. New moms should exercise when they get a chance. Perhaps there’s a moms’ club or group to join, locally, where women get together to exercise and/or talk about their issues. As a new mom, having some emotional support from other moms can really help.

Consider regular chiropractic care before and after your baby is born. Make an appointment at Lakewoods Chiropractic in Forest Lake. Call 651-464-0800 or email [email protected].

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