Spread Love And Kindness This Valentine’s Day

Posted on Feb 9, 2020

It is better to give than to receive is an old adage that rings true. People feel good when they give to others, whether it’s their time, talent or treasure. For instance, when a person with money can help make it possible for a poor person to eat a meal, they feel good inside. Spreading love and kindness is good for a person’s health!

This Valentine’s Day, what can you do for someone else? How can you help? Serving others is a great way to enhance your own life. It gives your life purpose and meaning. The body responds to these actions with a sense of accomplishment and “good feelings.”

When a person gives another person a present, their intention is to make that other person feel good. When they see the look on their face as they open the package or envelope, they, too, feel happy. Doing kind things for other people is surely a way to feel better about life in general. Despite all the negativity in the world, who doesn’t like it when someone else is kind and loving toward them? Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make the biggest difference– like giving someone your parking space, or even just smiling at them when they’re having a bad day.

Meanwhile, being social is good for your health, too. Rather than stay inside all day watching movies or scrolling the Internet, you should be out “in the world” talking with people, laughing, smelling flowers, and participating in games and challenges and adventures. Research shows that an active social life may help people live longer. People with strong social connections seem to live healthier, longer lives than loners who don’t socialize on a regular basis.

Think of senior citizens. There are some who mope about their days indoors just watching the news and being depressed. Then there are others who go to the local pool and do water aerobics with other people their age. Sure, they’re getting exercise, but they’re also discussing things with one another, laughing, smiling and feeling good about life.

When you focus on love and kindness in your life, you’ll see worthwhile benefits, this Valentine’s Day and always!

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