Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Posted on Dec 15, 2016

It’s the holiday season, and Dr. Gerard from Lakewoods Chiropractic has some good advice for feeling good into the new year.

Since it’s the most stressful time of the year, there are two things you can do to help alleviate the aches and pains that come from too much stress on your body.

First, Dr. Gerard recommends getting a chiropractic adjustment. Just like a car needs an oil change to continue to work well, people benefit from visiting their chiropractor. By having an adjustment done, your spine and nervous system work better. Blockages are removed naturally. Things that had fallen out of alignment are moved back into alignment. When you take good care of your spine and nervous system through chiropractic care, you’re also taking care of your immune system. This, in turn, means you’re less likely to get sick. No one wants to be sick with a bad cold or other problems, especially at Christmastime.

Next, the holiday season brings with it all sorts of foods people put into their bodies, often in “mass quantities.” Just think of all the Christmas cookies available. There are holiday parties filled with rich foods. Offices have doughnuts for people for breakfast. Think of all the sugar and carbs– it’s intense! Dr. Gerard recommends starting the day off with a nutritious protein shake. He incorporates things like coconut or almond milk, chia seeds, and fruits/vegetables into his shakes. In his opinion, this breakfast shake helps start his metabolism each day in a good way. Furthermore, it gives him a clear head and more energy, compared to eating pastries and doughnuts.

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