What Do Symptoms Mean When It Comes To Internal Disorders?

Posted on Jan 12, 2020

At Lakewoods Chiropractic, we take a proactive approach to people’s health and wellness. Oftentimes, people wait until they’re in awful pain before they even consider going to a chiropractor. While we do our best to help them, it’s much better if someone who doesn’t yet have major symptoms makes a preventative appointment with a chiropractor. Why is this? Because a chiropractor can and will make safe and gentle adjustments to the spine in order to prevent internal disorders from ruining their patients’ lives.

What are some of the internal problems chiropractors work to alleviate or prevent? Carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, backaches, infantile colic and ear infections are all internal issues that can’t easily be fixed without hands-on help from someone else. True, some people will take pills to help with their pain, but, in the end, what they really need is a chiropractor to get to the root of their problem, rather than just treat symptoms.

You see, a headache is a headache, but where’s it coming from and why is it happening? A chiropractor will help discover that information. Likewise, a backache might be coming from a problem in a person’s neck! The general population doesn’t know or understand much about internal problems. They see what they can see on the outside of their bodies as they look in the mirror. But ask them about the names and locations of various bones and joints and they draw a blank. Chiropractors, though, know all about what’s under the skin, where it is, and how it’s all connected. They know where joints, tendons, muscles and nerves are– and they manipulate the body to heal itself through hands-on adjustments.

People don’t want to get cancer or diabetes. They don’t want to live with high blood pressure and worry about having heart attacks. So, with that in mind, regular visits to a chiropractor should be viewed as preventative maintenance for the body. Chiropractic care helps with natural disease prevention. When the body’s systems are all working as they should be, the body doesn’t have any reason to be in pain. If there’s little or no inflammation, and blood flows freely as intended, then it’s “all systems go,” and a person is healthy and happy. That’s the aim of chiropractic care.

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