Your Spine after a Car Accident

Posted on Jan 30, 2017

If you ever wondered how people injured their spine, it’s likely that they were in a car accident. Indeed, according to the Mayo Clinic, car accidents are one of the leading causes of spinal injuries.

So what typically happens to your spine after a car accident? Basically, your muscles and joints have received a quick and intense shock. This trauma moved them into odd positions. Thus, the person has pain. Most likely, a car crash ends up giving people pain in their necks and backs. Meanwhile, the discs in their spine might have moved. There could be compression fractures in the spine. Vertebrae may have been pulled apart. The musculoskeletal system is out of proper alignment. Who can get it back into shape?

A chiropractor can “work” on your spine after a car accident to align it. He or she may need to take X-rays to see what’s going on. Then the chiropractor will make manual adjustments to help relieve things like whiplash, headaches and herniated discs. Basically, the idea is to relieve pressure from any points where you’re hurting. Furthermore, the chiropractor will adjust your spine so that it’s no longer out of place and agitated. By doing so, your various systems can get back to normal– including the immune and digestive systems.

While you could take pills to deal with your body’s pain after an accident, keep in mind that pills cover up the pain symptoms. They may help you cope in the short-term, but don’t forget about long-term pain management solutions, like chiropractic care, which is non-invasive. Also, a chiropractor helps a person regain and improve their mobility. He or she may offer corrective exercises to help a person get back their full range of motion.

The body has a powerful way of healing itself, but sometimes it needs the help of a skilled chiropractor to set parts of it in the right positions so everything can work as God intended. If you think of the insides of your body as a series of highways, pain occurs when there are accidents along those highways. A chiropractor’s job is like that of a tow truck operator, removing the problem so that traffic can flow again.

Car accident victims should have chiropractic care. Call Dr. Gerard to make an appointment at 651-464-0800.


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